Our Roots


 We are Darrel & Lindy Ashmore. We have two children that were diagnosed and born with two of the worst congenital diseases when it comes to survival rates. Tristen was born with HLHS, meaning he only has half of his heart and our daughter Elliot was born with Right-Sided CDH, leaving her without a full set of lungs. They went through extremely invasive surgical procedures and massive repairs including open heart surgeries and several invitro while still in the womb. They are 6 & 13 now and doing well, thank God. But, in the worst of times, it was financially devastating on our family. Now a dream more than 10 years in the making has finally come to life! Our non-profit is here to help parents going through similar struggles to pay their day to day bills.  

We know what it feels like to watch our car get re-possessed in front of our workplace. To come home and have the lights off. To flat out struggle because of not working for extended periods of time while being hours away in a hospital, watching our child fight for every day of their life. No parent should have to worry about day to bills while their life is on hold, scared for their child, scared of the hospital bills, scared of not being able to provide for the rest of their family.  

That's where we want to help, to come in and pay those bills. Whether it's rent/mortgage, PG&E, gas cards, car payment, whatever the need is. We're asking for your help to help these families in need and thank you in advance for your help, love, support, and prayers!!!